Rocking the Gamepad API

The web standard includes many APIs for an increasing range of tasks: controlling bluetooth, managing files, handling the clipboard… Some of them are more “serious,” and some of them are more “fun.” The Gamepad API falls in this last category.

It opens a world of possibilities for gaming by providing a different way to play games on the browser and by giving control to the users and creators. And its potential goes beyond gaming: adapted controllers could be used by people with disabilities, widening the possibilities and improving their access not only to games but to the Internet in general.

In this workshop we will introduce the Gamepad API, explore how it works, and use it to build a game with HTML and JavaScript that can be played on the browser with a connected game controller.


There is no software to download, but it would be ideal to have a game controller that connects to a computer.

About Alvaro Montoro

Alvaro Montoro was born in Spain, where he grew up, studied, and worked as a Back-End Developer while completing a CS degree. He had the opportunity to visit the United States and work at start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, where he discovered a passion for web technologies. Then Alvaro started moving away from the back-end, and focusing mainly on the front-end, and is now a UI dev team lead at Visa in Austin, TX.

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