#YourTechStory: How to Showcase Your Story and Skills During Technical Interviews

The most common myth about technical interviews is that they only focus on your coding ability! In reality, technical interviews are about showing how your story and professional experiences will add value to a potential company, team and/or role. Translation: you need to highlight both your technical and soft skills to stand out from the pack!

In this workshop, you will craft your story by 1) identifying the key skills recruiters are looking for at each stage of the interview process, 2) creating a memorable 30-second elevator pitch, 3) developing examples that show (and not just tell) the value you can add beyond your resume and 4) learning a framework that highlights your thought process during coding questions! Get ready to define and share #YourTechStory.

About Beleicia Bullock

Beleicia Bullock is a technical interview coach and CS graduate student who loves to create through code and support women in their tech careers! After completing 40+ technical interviews during her undergraduate career and working with women at her college doing the same, Beleicia started TechUp Coaching to help more women confidently approach their technical interviews. Outside of coaching, she is also a graduate student whose research combines HCI, CS education and CS ethics to improve fairness and equity within technology!"

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