Telling Stories with Doodles

Visualizing technical concepts is a fantastic skill for technologists of all experience levels to learn. Research indicates that visualization helps with information retention, and it's also a great way to share knowledge with others, in a fun, accessible, conversation-starting way. In this workshop, open to all (no previous drawing experience required!) Denise will take you through the basics of tech-doodling. We'll load a few handy devices into our toolbox for depicting characters and emotions, learn how to create visual metaphors, and start telling stories about our craft.


All you need is plain pen and paper. (You can also follow along on a tablet or iPad, but I won't be stopping to debug app- or device-specific problems.)

About Denise Yu

Denise Yu is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, currently working on a team called Community & Safety which uses a combination of policy, design, and engineering to make the platform the safest place possible for healthy, engaged communities to grow. She career-switched in 2014–after completing a Masters in Social Policy–into software engineering, after attending a bootcamp in London, UK, and hasn't looked back. She speaks frequently at international conferences about software design, distributed computing, site reliability engineering, and lots more topics, but her strongest passion is making the tech industry more accessible to other people with non-linear backgrounds. In her spare time, she runs events and creates art that uses doodles to explain technical concepts:

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