Nailing the Home Assignment - Level Up When You Don't Have the XP

Home assignments are here to stay as they offer less biased views and are more focused on the quality of your work.

Unfortunately, if you’re a Junior Developer, the quality of work is usually what stands out. Your projects won’t look like a professional reviewer is used to: They may be messy, half-working, or lacking documentation and instructions.

Workshop participants will learn an organized system for working on a small project while presenting best-practices. That means passing more interview steps, more options to choose from, and more bargaining power for your next job.


Bring your own laptop and development environment. There will be some coding involved, make sure you’re all set-up, because we wouldn’t want to lose any time over it.

This workshop is backend oriented, but language agnostic - You can use Python, NodeJS, Java - Whatever you’re comfortable with. This is not the time to experiment with new languages. The code won’t be the issue here.

How proficient should you be? If you can write and understand what’s going on in a small web-server tutorial (i.e. Flask for Python, builtin HTTP for Node, Spring Bootstrap for Java).

Install Docker and make sure it’s running.

About Eyal Yavor

Eyal Yavor is a developer with 10+ years of experience in coding, hiring, and managing developers. Eyal served in the Israeli Intelligence Unit, worked in IdmLogic (Acquired by CA Technologies), co-founded Meekan (Acquired by Doodle), and led engineers at Doodle Tel Aviv. His main passion is for connecting systems and making it easier for others to maintain them.

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