April 21 - 22, 2017 • NYC

a CodeNewbie conference, powered by GitHub

two days of demos, talks, and workshops exploring the incredible world of code.

The only tech conference designed for new coders.

We've created a unique conference experience designed for new coders and people learning to code. Come out for great food, a supportive community, and inspiring content.

Day One What can code do?

Inspiring Talks

Discover how code is used to solve problems in the following fields from developers working in the industry.

city life
art & gaming

Day Two What can you do with code?

Practical Planning

Explore the practical side of coding and being a developer. topics include using side projects to build up your portfolio, contributing to open source, and crafting your personal learning strategy.

Hands-on Workshops

Pick from a selection of optional three-hour workshops on technical and non-technical coding topics, or join the open community coding session to socialize, code, and connect.


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Opportunity Scholarship

To make this conference accessible to more people, we're offering scholarships to attend Codeland. Scholars receive a heavily discounted conference ticket at $25, as well as the potential to cover travel, depending on need and available funds.

Scholarship Application

Apply for a scholarship by March 17. If you are part of an underrepresented group in tech, including women, members of underrepresented demographic groups*, and members of the LGBTQ community, we highly encourage you to apply.

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We're so excited to have these incredible speakers at Codeland.
More speakers to be announced!


Join us for some of the most dynamic and engaging tech talks you'll ever hear.

Day One (8AM - 5PM)

Minerva Tantoco

Being the first CTO of NYC

Michelle Morales

Diagnosing Depression: Open source tools for mental health

Esra'a Al-Shafei

The Fallacy of Exporting Tech Solutions to the Middle East

Courteney Ervin

Creating an e-library card. Lessons in coding for one of the largest library systems in the world

Kate Rabinowitz

Open Data + You = Better Cities

Rapi Castillo

The Bernie Map: Building tools for the Progressive Movement

Katrina Owen

Incognito Mentorship

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Open source governance 101: What it really takes to maintain an open source project

Opher Vishnia

Web sites are video games waiting to happen

Stephanie Nemeth

Creating art with a Raspberry Pi

Breset "Sterling" Walker

The Users Your Site Is Missing: Lessons on accessibility from my first coding project

Maurice Rogers

Abacus: Shaping the future of education in Belize

Susan Tan

Rants and ruminations from 💯 CS job interviews in Silicon Valley

Valerie Woolard Srinivasan

Good Fences Make Good Communities

Daniel Shiffman

Creative Coding: An art and code showcase

Eric Brelsford

Coding the City We Want to Live In: Open sourcing public vacant land

Day Two (8AM - 5PM)

Carol Willing

Open Source Panelist

Ashley Jean

Code-Life Balance Panelist

Quincy Larson

How to write technical blog posts that people will actually read

Eleanor Stribling

Your portfolio as a product: How to use product development strategies to impress employers

Bryan Liles

Open Source Panelist

Brian Douglas

Code-Life Balance Panelist

Jessica Rudder

The Good Bad Bug: Learning to Embrace Mistakes

Johnny Ray Austin

Code-Life Balance Panelist

Rebecca Poulson

VR for Web Developers with A-Frame

Morgan Whaley

Code-Life Balance Panelist

Allison McMillan

Code-Life Balance Panelist

Andreas Fast

Getting The Job Panelist

Safia Abdalla

Open Source Panelist

Laura Gaetano

Open Source Panelist

Eddie Washington

Getting The Job Panelist

Stephanie Slattery

Web Accessibility and You: Let's Learn to Audit Websites

Jess Unrein

Write Your Resume Like a Fanfic

Cassie Tarakajian

Introduction to Creative Coding in p5.js for Web Developers