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May 4 & 5, 2018 • NYC

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Codeland is an interactive, two-day conference filled with talks, panels, and workshops with the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

I can’t help but feel that I was a part of something really special. I believe Codeland is the first in a movement to change what a tech conference is and can be.

3 reasons to come to codeland

  1. Inclusive Community

    We're the kindest, most inclusive, most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. We've got dance breaks, the most delicious food, and plenty of breaks to make new coding friends.

  2. Inspiring Talks

    Hear inspiring stories from speakers of all backgrounds and skill levels. We spend an average of 4hrs with each speaker to make sure they're ready for the big day, and you get to hear high-quality talks.

  3. Designed For Newbies

    If you're early in your coding journey, this conference is designed especially for you. Each talk comes with a cheatsheet, so you never feel lost. Talks are accessible to all skill levels and coding interests. Hands-on workshops let you build new skills in a safe space.


Each ticket includes access to both days of the conference, breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day. Get yours while you can!







Which ticket is for you?

Individual If you're currently employed and can afford the regular ticket.

Student If you're a student or otherwise cannot afford the individual ticket.

Supporter Support our community and help us keep the conference affordable.

Opportunity Scholarship

To make this conference accessible to more people, we're offering scholarships to attend Codeland. Scholars receive a heavily discounted conference ticket at $25, as well as assistance in covering travel expenses, depending on need and available funds.

Scholarship Application

Apply for a scholarship by Feb 25. If you are part of an underrepresented group in tech, including women, members of underrepresented demographic groups*, and members of the LGBTQ community, we highly encourage you to apply.

"Pay It Forward" Ticket

In 2017, we brought 55 scholars to Codeland. Buy a ticket, and help us do it again. Your ticket goes directly to a scholar, and we'll post your name on the Codeland website as a thank you for your contribution.

Love for #Codeland

Not Your Average Conference

From dance breaks to delicious food, we want every minute you spend with us to be magical.

My Codeland experience was inspirational and overwhelming. I feel recharged. I feel re-energized. I’m more excited than ever to be a developer. And I can’t imagine a better conference to give your first talk.

High Quality Content

Each speaker received 4+ hours of personal coaching. We worked together to craft each talk, combining technical insights with powerful storytelling to create the best tech talks you’ve ever seen.

I’ve gone to dozens of tech conferences, and presented at several, and I’ve never experienced this level of individual coaching from anyone involved—let alone the event organizer herself.

Everyone was welcoming, encouraging, and genuinely interested in what you had to say. There was Bolly- wood dancing. People literally clapped when you left both days.

I hope other conferences pay attention. Tech is already diverse, let’s just make it inclusive.

2018 Speakers

Incredible technologists from all over the world, sharing stories from their coding journey.
More speakers to be announced soon!


Our talks and workshops for 2018. More to be announced soon.

Application of Data Science in Livestock Disease Diagnosis

Aman Irshad talk

Code and Community

Anil Dash fireside chat

How To Make Your Website So Fast It Goes Viral In Japan

Ben Halpern talk

Open Source for ...Bad?

Bianca Escalante talk

What's in a Button? UI Engineering and Building Component Libraries

Bonnie Zhou talk

I built software to kill people

Caleb Thompson talk

Building Bootstrap

Carlos Filoteo workshop

Lights, Sensors, and RaspberryPis

Chris Harrold workshop

How To Learn To Code When You Have No Time And No Money

Colleen Schnettler talk

Is Your Debugger Bugging You? How to Successfully Debug Your Programs

Dorothy Phoenix talk

Intro to Wordpress

Ebonie Butler, Angela Andrews workshop

A Bossy Sort of Voice: Using natural language processing to quantify sexism in Harry Potter

Eleanor Stribling talk

It’s Never Been A Better Time to Learn Layout CSS

Jen Simmons talk

Web Components + Polymer

John Riviello, Chris Lorenzo workshop

Resume Prep

Julie Menge workshop

Learn to master the technical interview

Katie Jergens workshop

Make Your Own Photoshop (Easy Java Coding Project To Alter Photos)

Katie Jergens talk

An Introvert’s Journey And Guide To Getting A Job In Technology

Michael Lee talk

Technical Blogging

Monica Powell workshop

Using Big Data to improve the music listening experience

Paul Lamere talk

Using Robotics as a Tool for Problem Solving in Ghana

Sedinam Worlanyo talk

What I Learned From Managing My First open source project on Github

Shannon Crabill talk

Creating My Own Gulp-based Email Workflow

Tori Pugh talk

Where to stay

If you're in town for the conference and need a place to stay, checkout the following hotels.